Nude Beaches

Australia has thousands of kilometres of beaches. Many of these are often almost deserted and with a little courtesy and common sense you can swim and sunbathe nude. However, you do need to show respect for other beach users, and also take great care on unpatrolled beaches as the sea can be very dangerous at times.

Of course, it is more fun and much safer if you are with other people, and whilst this list is not complete it does cover most of the more popular beaches where nude bathing occurs on a regular basis. Some are designated as legal clothing optional beaches but on others nudity is unofficially condoned. You should always check locally to be aware of the current situation.

Select a state from the menu below to get information about individual beaches which you may like to visit.

Note:: “Legal” or “Official” means the location is recognised as clothing optional. “Unofficial” means that the location is traditionally used by nudists but is not an officially recognised site. Chat with the locals at unofficial sites to get the current views.

Nude places around Australia

Aussie Naturists has done some great work plotting locations of interest around Australia, check them out!! (Click the little link under the picture to see a bigger view)

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